by Anonymous

May 10, 2019


Two Times.

Relief? Anger? How do I feel.

Once at 16. Once at 17.


You’re disgusting.

Horrible person.

How am I supposed to feel.

I’m sad.

I am scared.

Folk tales about how many children you’re going to have and you find out you’re going to have two children but you read the rules of the folk tale and it says it counts for angel babies……

You have two angel babies

You are not disgusting.

You are human.

You are strong.

You are a woman.


No matter what I constantly remind myself that I am not wrong for the feelings I have about my abortions. I do feel a sense of relief but I occasionally ask myself what if….I have two angel babies I just was not stable enough to birth and care for. I will be able to be a wonderful mother some day. Folk tales are folk tales. I can’t trust that it is true. But what if….

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