The Father that Saved Me

by Anonymous

December 29, 2016

Content Warning: Domestic violence, rape

The Devil that Raped and Beat Me, and the Cops that did NOTHING, and the Father that Saved Me.

I just turned 19 and fresh out of high school, and in an abusive relationship with a 22 year old, roided up 220-pound catcher from the upper east side that would not let me see my own family or go home to Jersey because he was scared of me leaving him. He raped me so I would have his child to solve that problem. When I was pregnant on vacation with him he would kick and punch me in the stomach and would lock me in the room during the cruise. I went to college my first-semester pregnant, and when I came to see him after my first day of school. He punched me unconscious, and took a knife to me, and along to himself because he saw 3 phone numbers on my syllabus from classmates after the professor instructed us to. My old school father saved my life, and took me in secret to get an abortion.

If I hadn’t got an abortion, I would NOT be in my second semester in college, I would NOT have been able to see my dad defeat cancer, I would NOT have gotten my job back, I would NOT be NAGA Champion, but I would have been DEAD along with what was growing inside of me whether it was from my own hands or the hands of the attacker I lived with almost everyday.
[[If this was too vulgar for anyone that thinks they have the right to have an opinion over what happens to MY body then try living this through to see if that changes, and if it does not then I’m more than sure you and my attacker have dabt each other up before.]]


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