The Day I Don’t Leave Myself

by Anonymous

March 28, 2023

I was born in 1973. I was born into the Roe V. Wade generation. The freedom to make a choice.

I knew that bringing a child into this life at 19 would have been more than I could handle, and less than the best life I could’ve given to that child.  That child would’ve have faced the challenges of an alcoholic, drug addicted father, and a mother who felt lost and unsure of who she was. I had spent years pleasing others, abandoning myself and my own needs, seeking the love and approval of others.

I sometimes wonder who that child, that mother, and that father might be today. But mostly I’m grateful that safe abortion gave me the choice to become a woman who felt agency and power over the direction my life could take. I can say with relative certainty that that choice made every difference in my life at the time.

There have been so many challenges since then…life is a journey of always healing, forgiving, growing.

But the day I chose an abortion was the day I chose freedom from a toxic relationship and seeking the approval of others; the day I chose to stay with myself.

#selflove #selfcommitment #myabortionstory

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