by Ana

March 14, 2022

Spent two years with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend & towards the end he got me pregnant. I asked him what he prefer me to do… he said for me to go that “route”. I was mildly ok with that decision since we were just sex partners. I mean some of us do wish we could afford to keep it… Anywho, I told him it was expensive (almost $900) & that I needed to have someone take me. He didn’t offer to take me nor help me pay for it.  I had a friend take me, the whole experience was traumatizing.  The dr basically shamed us who got pregnant.  The procedure was painful and I mentioned to the dr and he was like saying he’s almost “done”. Felt like forever. Pretty much got ghosted after my abortion, even tho he promised he wouldn’t do that to me. At the end of the whole abortion I went to therapy. It’s a reminder I’m grateful for being able to have that choice to choose. That guy really opened my eyes that I made the best decision.

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