Sunny Hills 1978

by Ruth

March 13, 2019

Content Warning: sexual abuse

15 years old and pregnant. Pregnant?! I had to tell my Mother. Lorraine. A woman who had no idea I was sexually active with my boyfriend Glenn. My Mother, the women in complete denial that her daughter was and had been sexually abused for close to a decade. Her daughter, sucking and fucking under her own roof. Her daughter forced, threatened and intimidated into submission. Manipulated into believing she was a willing partner. Shameful, dirty, fucking disgusting whore!

Pregnant!? by who? When?where did you?

She stopped herself from asking me…In her house?, by her own son?, Matt? Matt the goldenboy?

Slut! Dirty whore! This would destroy her. Her reputation, her picture perfect Sunny Hills, Orange County housewife world.

An abortion was arranged, by her within the week. “Don’t ever mention this to your father!” “To anyone! ”

She cried on the way to the clinic, she was crying when she drove me home afterwards.

She was crying because her world came so close to coming undone. By me, her slutty, dirty whore of a daughter.

I’m forever grateful for having had an abortion. I’ve never regretted it.

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