Pro-Choice in a Red State

by Anonymous

March 11, 2019

As I type this, I am pregnant for the third time. A third pregnancy in which I do not intend to keep. My third abortion is scheduled 9 days from now.

I did everything “right” this time. I had an IUD placed just 3 months ago. I was cautious. I thought that I was protected for 12 years, or until I decided to have children, with the IUD. Now I speak for the 0.8% percent of women who have become pregnant with the copper IUD.

My mother was single and struggled to provide for my sister and I, at times selling jewelry for diapers. She wants a better life for me and I want a better life for me and the children that I will one day I have.

I do not regret a thing and I never will. I am only mad that abortions are supposed to be such a “hush hush” thing. I am mad that there is only one abortion provider in my state. I am mad that women who have abortions are viewed as reckless and heartless when I took all of the necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy. I am mad that when we speak of our abortions we are expected to feel deep shame and regret.

I am thankful, though. I’m thankful that there are women who are fearless in their decision to be pro-choice and I am thankful that there are women who are not afraid to share their stories.


Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!