Not sorry

by Sarah

January 31, 2020

I found out about my pregnancy 2 weeks ago. I was 1 week late and I started to notice the symptoms as well. Then I decided to buy a pregnancy test to put my mind at ease. I didn’t think I was pregnant because I used protection, condoms. I took the test and it showed the most unexpected result: pregnant. I knew immediately I will not keep it. I only told my best friend  about this at first. She helped me find a doctor to help with the abortion.

After one week I had the courage to tell the guy that got me pregnant. We only had sex twice, one time one month before and the time I got pregnant. He is my colleague, we work together in the same office. It was something really casual.  But he was really supportive and paid for the procedure.

After 2 weeks, this Monday, I had the abortion. They put me to sleep, I didn’t feel a thing. My colleague came to pick me up after it was done. I didn’t feel bad about doing this. I only felt bad because this happened to me. I felt like I somehow could have avoided this. But I think I will make peace with it and live a normal life. .

A few days before I found out about all of this, I met a really nice guy. I didn’t tell him about it, I only told him that I had some personal issues and he said he will wait for me until I’m ready. I feel bad I cannot tell him about it because I don’t know how he will react and I don’t want to blow it.

I feel so lucky that a thing like abortion exists. If not, this situation would have ruined my life. I already felt depressed at the thought of raising this kid alone. Because my colleague is not reliable and I would never have a serious relationship with him.

Do it for you! Save your life.


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