Not a recipe for my future.

by Anonymous

October 17, 2016

I had an abortion with an ex bf of mine who was an artist like myself. He and I would have been the worst parents. We fought all the time, and he never paid for anything so I was working supporting us both. Financial issues, a volatile relationship and managing a popular bar while pregnant was just not a recipe for my future.

Strangely, caught it at 3 1/2 weeks. I couldn’t legally have an abortion yet so I had time to think about it. (Soonest was 5 weeks I think) Frankly I was irritated and felt some guilt back then only because I had to wait and continue to let it grow into my body for a few weeks until it was legal. I knew what I had to.

My boyfriend knew. But made tons of immature pregnancy jokes and would try to touch my stomach. It was very disrespectful and I made the choice to go alone. I didn’t want to involve him anymore with my body autonomy.

Planned Parenthood was there to give me a pill which with my unluck I ended up joining the statistic where the pill didn’t work . I remember eating it with Mac and cheese which was my favorite comfort food. Sometimes I look back and wonder if that affected it! I went back as soon as I could, had a surgical, and went to work later that evening.

Never regretted that second abortion. I still see that ex around and know I made the right decision.


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