Never thought it would happen to me

by Elizabeth

March 16, 2021

My friends and I would always talk about how if one of us were to get pregnant, we would all pitch in for the abortion and drive that person to planned parenthood. None of us are even near ready to have a baby.

I got pregnant after a drunken hook up. I barely know the guy. I’m 21 and a college student. I wasn’t on birth control because mine had expired and I wasn’t planning on having sex any time soon. I had asked to use a condom and the guy said “dude… I’m not gonna cum in you”. Well… two weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

One of the scariest things was knowing that I wanted an abortion and that I had to figure it out on my own without help of my parents, who are super pro-life. I knew for sure that I had no other option but to end the pregnancy, and I pushed away any other thoughts and moved forward with the abortion.

I felt a lot of shame and embarrassment, especially telling the guy (I wanted financial help), and felt really down for a while. I never in a million years thought this would happen to me, even though I know it can happen to really anybody. I couldn’t sleep because I had cramps and felt so uncomfortable knowing that there was a human growing inside of me, and that the baby wasn’t even with someone I love. It was a week from when I found out I was pregnant until I took the first pill to end my pregnancy, and this was one of the longest and scariest weeks of my life.

I took mifeprestone two days ago and misoprostol yesterday. The process went so much more smoothly than I expected – I was only just over 5 weeks. I could not thank planned parenthood enough for the guidance and accessibility, I truly feel like they saved my life as it is now. If you’re someone on this site before getting your abortion, (although I know things are different for everyone) you will be okay. The pain and blood probably won’t be as bad as you’re thinking.

As of now, I am struggling a lot with how I “played god” without even thinking about my decision. I can’t believe such a big decision was completely up to me, but I know that I am worthy of making a decision that impacts me so much, and I am worthy of having as much time as I want before I’m ready bring someone else into this world.

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