Never forgotten

by Stephanie

March 11, 2019

My name is Stephanie. I met my boyfriend in the summer of 2018. I never once had doubts about him, he was a friend that cared for me. Yes the relationship moved real fast where I started to miss my period. I was so stubborn to listen to myself and think I wonder if I am. I already knew what I wanted and that was abortion because I wasn’t ready. When I took my first test I looked at it so fast and told my boyfriend and my best friend that I’m not pregnant and went about my days. My period didn’t show for the third time since I already missed it. So I went and got another. I did the same thing looked and said I’m not pregnant. I just really didn’t want to be pregnant because it was just so fast. My boyfriend and I weren’t t even in our one month yet and I was pregnant. I finally woke myself up and put two and two together and accepted the fact that I was. I had a panic attack cause I had to tell my mother who never knew I was having sex and I was 21. I went up to her and said “please don’t be mad at me” then she said “you’re pregnant” the first thing she said was I needed an abortion. I spoke to my boyfriend and he calmed me down and said it’s your choice. I told him that we can’t keep it obviously because we live in two different countries. He lives in the states and I live in Canada. I haven’t even started my application to live there so it makes sense of not having the baby. I found out I was 7 weeks along. Went to my first ultrasound and never got to see it cause of rules, which I understand but it was hard cause I was by myself with a lady who didn’t say one word. I eventually took the abortion pill and then everything happened. I saw it come out into the toilet and was shocked but had to flush it cause I was at the doctors office and I was next. People are so quick to judge and not get to know your story. I never wanted this but I had nothing, nobody to say “you work and get on your feet while we help you”. There’s not a day that I don’t think about it. But I made sure before I had my abortion that god would protect it and let it know that we will ALWAYS! love it no matter what. I am hoping to get a tattoo saying “Never Forgotten” with a cross and a halo. Cause of this abortion it made me stronger and determined to get my life together and NEVER!! go through this ever again. I’m happy to share my story and be able to help other girls get through this. Don’t feel guilty you did it for a reason.

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