My story

by Josie

June 3, 2019

My abortion happened when my child’s father kicked me out the day of our appointment. Afterward all of the things came to light about him, his manipulative tendencies and how unhealthy our relationship was. He abandoned his other daughter, was under investigation for theft and told me he wished we had never met. I went through with the abortion to save my child from a lifetime of hurt and stress from him. He would have made our life hell. He told me he would come after me for custody (unlikely, but still a threat). I moved back in with my parents, and had so much support. I did everything I did purely out of love for my baby. I wanted nothing more than the best for her, and this was the best route. I’ll never regret my choice. I saved my child and I from a horrible life at his hands. I try to break the stigma that abortions are unwanted babies. I just knew that I could not give it a decent life.

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