My first and maybe last abortion.

by chloe

November 22, 2019

I am a University student and I had my abortion almost one month ago. Before I did the test, I knew I was pregnant. I immediately decided to take the abortion route and I didn’t consider other options… I wish I had. It took 3 weeks to finish the whole process from calling the clinic to walking out of the hospital. On my first visit, I had an ultrasound, blood taken. On the next visit, I took a singular pill. Then, I spent about 8 hours in the hospital inserting 4 pills vaginally. The day was hard as I suffered from sickness. When taking pain relief, for cramps, I would throw it back up. When I left, I was tired.


Physically, I feel much better, pregnancy gave me difficulty to eat certain foods and my body was simply different. For the following weeks, I have felt empty. I always had baby fever. Not so much anymore. Soon I should grieve and move on from the situation but at the moment the what ifs haunt me.


The process is not “scary” or not doable. If needed, I would do it again. If asked for advice I’d say “think deeply about your decision and when you have decided, there is nothing to be afraid of”. Thankfully, throughout this process I had my boyfriend and an amazing care team by my side.

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