My decision that changed my life.

by Sabrina

October 5, 2020

My story is my story and I feel free to talk about it here. I had an abortion my sophomore year of college and it was something that came from a small and quick relationship. I did not love the guy and I also did not know him very well. I knew there was way more time left for me to live my life. I was also still in love with my ex and everything was complicated. I decided to have an abortion because I was not ready, it was not love, and I just could not do it. I was sad yes but I knew what had to happen. I was scared and confused. I now have a daughter with my ex from the story who I was still in love with and we are happy. She is everything and I know everything happens for a reason and I am a survivor. I am here for myself and everyone on here and everyone going through this.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!