My body my choice

by Jade

November 9, 2020

Content Warning: rape

When I was just 14 years old I was raped by an adult. My providers and parents kept insisting that I could be pregnant. I started to believe it. We drove to the pharmacy and the pharmacist asked what the morning after pill was for, eyeing my parents wedding rings and nice clothes. My dad told him its for his teenaged daughter that was raped by a pedophile. Without another word the pharmacist handed the prescription to my father. My parents got me home and watched me take it. Only, I didn’t take it, I hid it in my cheek then spat it out. I wanted something good to come from this violation, a companion who will love me forever.

A few days later I spoke to my father. I told him if I was pregnant I would keep the baby. He told me no, that I would get an abortion.

I went to my mother and admitted I hadn’t taken the morning after pill. I told her what my father had said, and that I disagreed. I told her that it was my body and my choice and he couldn’t force me. My mom agreed and said if I was pregnant that it would be my decision.

A week after the assault, I got my period.

I sat down with my mother and told her I had a stance on abortion. She expected me to say I was pro life since I wanted to keep the baby. I told her no, I was pro choice. I felt people should be able to decide what to do especially in my situation. I learned that my mother was pro choice too.

As years went on I was in an abusive relationship and took the morning after pill twice. I already had two children with him and we were broken up and I didn’t want to have more kids with him. To this day I don’t regret it and I can’t wait until my kids turn 18 so I never have to speak to him again. Birth control pills can only keep you so safe.

I have been an ally for years. No matter the situation, I support what you do with your own body. Do you.

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