My angel, I’m sorry

by Anonymous

January 9, 2020

When I found out I was pregnant I took plenty of tests because I could not believe it. I knew I wasn’t ready but at the same time I wished someone wouldve talked me out of my decision. But no one did. I was told whatever choice I made I was supported. But there was more negative than positive.  But this was the best for my little baby, the absolute best option, it was out of love and best interest. I thought every single route this could go wrong if I did have my baby, and yet I still felt the want to keep the little life. I felt like I had wasted a life. And I’m so sorry. To my angel; I’m sorry daddy and I couldn’t keep you, I want the best for you and so does he. I will always have you in my heart. And I’m so sorry. 

One day this will come right back to me. When the timing is right. I know it. And one day peace will be brought to my heart, and anyone that struggles with what they went through. 

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