My Abortion Story

by Linda Lutes

March 13, 2019

In 1976, I had an abortion. Struggling at 3 jobs, in Nursing school and independent, I chose to have an abortion. I went to Planned Parenthood where I received compassionate counseling and help to make this difficult choice. Not once have I ever been sorry. It was the right choice then and the right choice looking back now. I went to Phoenix, stayed one night and it was accessible and convenient.


Since that time, I have finished Nursing school, worked at the VA Medical Center for 30 years, the County, The Pioneers Home and volunteered at Planned Parenthood in Prescott, AZ. Sadly, neither one of the Planned Parenthood Centers are open now due to threats, picketing and lack of funding. This is a travesty both personally and for the thousands of young women needing help with this heart-wrenching decision.


My abortion experience was but a small part of the care I received at Planned Parenthood. I also accessed well women’s care, cancer screenings, breast exams and low/no cost birth control.  These are essential services that must be available to ALL women. The local health department has taken over some of these services but timely care is lagging. Planned Parenthood did what they always do best by providing timely, affordable services. It MUST remain viable and accessible. To do anything else is wrong and morally reprehensible.


Most Sincerely,

Linda Lutes

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