When I was 10 years old, I was in a sexually abusive situation. I ended up getting pregnant because I got my period at ten years old. If I would’ve had that baby, I would have died. So, I got an abortion.

Then when I was 19, I got pregnant again in a consensual act. I already had enough trauma with the idea of being pregnant, let alone it actually happening. I decided to get another abortion because I was still in college, didn’t have a steady income, and wasn’t gonna put my mental health through that.

If I decided I wanted a baby, it should be on my terms. The foster care system is very risky for kids to go into because of abuse. I knew I wouldn’t of been able to properly care for a child. I did it for my own safety and that is perfectly okay. There should be no shame in having an abortion. I support the fellow people who have gotten abortions or just stand with people who have. Abortion rights are human rights.