My abortion story

by Nicole

August 17, 2022

I was 21 and in love. I had just found out that I’d received the college scholarship to my dream school that I’d worked so hard toward for almost 2 years. It was an exciting time in life. When I found out I was pregnant there was absolutely NO QUESTION or UNCERTAINTY around the fact that I would have an abortion. I knew in my bones that my partner if I were not ready to have a child, and I knew I would be a lot less happy in my life were we to chose that path. My partner and I both benefitted. I went on to have 2 children with the same person 7 years later, which we were absolutely thrilled about & ready for at that time in our lives. I have never looked back, not once, with regret about my decision. And am so grateful I lived in a state where an abortion was accessible and safe. I’m terrified at the thought of what’s going on in this country right now. The lack of respect for women, and one’s right to make completely medically safe decisions for their body & life is astounding. Only in America, a first world country would we fear the rights of women regress. Pure nonsense.

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