It’s not about making the right choice.. It’s about having that choice.

by Anonymous

March 15, 2021

I didn’t realise I was pregnant until 18 weeks along. It came as a huge shock. Even though I loved and still do love the would be father of the child.. We were working in separate countries and had no plans to start a family together. At first my decision was crystal clear.. But over the week the knowledge of being pregnant did affect me. I eventually decided (based on a range of criteria) that the best choice for this baby and for me was to go through with the abortion. I’m still young. I’m studying. And I’m finding my place in the world. This pregnancy made me realise that I do want a baby one day it’s just not today. The days leading up to my abortion were hard and going through with it was even harder. Although I did feel relief I definitely wasn’t happy. I think that’s what people don’t often enough realise that it’s not always as simple as “making the right choice” both decisions are hard. The point being the one thing I’m grateful for is having that choice and the right to make it.

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