It’s just a fleeting memory several years later

by Katie

March 15, 2023

I had just started dating a guy from work when I was 25, and was horrified to find myself accidentally pregnant. Although I am very much pro-choice, I never thought I’d be someone who would go through an abortion myself.

The guy was extremely supportive, I was in tears but knew that I wanted to get an abortion as soon as possible. He agreed.

Following a scan which dated me around 5/6 weeks, I had the pills, I think one of them was taken in the clinic, and then the others at home. I also got a Nexplanon implant fitted to avoid it happening again. The abortion itself was a relatively uncomfortable experience, but once over I felt relieved. If I went through it again, I would probably go for the surgery option rather than medical.

I live in England, UK so abortions are free through BPAS and other organisations, who quite frankly are amazing and incrsupportive.

I honestly have never really thought about the abortion since, it’s like a distant memory for me (5 years later). It was also the catalyst for me to sort out of my life and focus on my goals. I’m always grateful I had the choice.

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