It is because I believe life is precious that I chose abortion

by Anonymous

November 6, 2018

I was 29 years old when my birth control method failed and I became pregnant. I knew super early because my periods had been pretty regular and I was late, so when I took the pregnancy test and it came back positive I was not surprised. My boyfriend and I hadn’t even been together a year and I was not financially stable enough to raise a child on my own. I had recently finished graduate school and was beginning the next phase of my professional life. I knew immediately that having an abortion was the right choice for me. While I was scared about what my body might experience during the procedure and frustrated my birth control didn’t work, I was immensely grateful for access to a safe, clean clinic to go to and for the staff who gave me accurate and compassionate information about my options.


It’s over 7 years later and I don’t regret my decision. I am glad that I am not tied for 18+ years to my now ex-boyfriend. We weren’t a good match and I am so happy we didn’t bring a life together into the world. And with my student debt it has been a struggle to make ends meet – I would have hated to struggle as my parents did to put food on the table for a child if I had chosen to have one. Abortion is not always a difficult choice and women who know it is not the right time for them to become a parent need to be trusted and empowered. My abortion was not traumatic and I have no regrets about making the choice that I did. It is because I believe that life is precious and that children deserve to be brought into the world with intention that I chose to terminate my pregnancy.

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