I wish it were easier.

by Anonymous

September 8, 2020

I wish I had gotten a surgical abortion instead of opting for at home medical. I wish I didn’t have to wait the mandatory 24 hrs after signing the form to come back and have it done. I wish PP hadn’t mixed up my paperwork with another girl and delayed the process 2 extra days. I wish I knew I would vomit up the pain meds and have full on contractions for hours. I wish I had a female friend by my side instead of my boyfriend at the time, and I wish he had not looked so uncomfortable so I didn’t feel like I had to take care of and reassure him while I was going through it. I wish I didn’t have to lie to my boss and colleagues about why I couldn’t work the day after. I wish my boyfriend at the time realized that it wasn’t over the next day and that he understood what it meant to wear a pad and bleed for weeks after. I wish I had felt safe to tell everyone about it, to explain why I was so low energy and “lame” for weeks afterward.

I wish any woman I know to lean on me if they find themselves needing one, and for their experience to be easier than mine was.


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