I Wish I Had An Abortion

by Anonymous

September 10, 2018

Content Warning: coercion, rape

I wish I had an abortion. I was raped and found myself pregnant. My family said NO to ME having an abortion – I feel they took my rights away denying me control over my own body. Carrying and delivering that baby felt like further RAPE. I placed the baby for adoption – the adoption isn’t legally complete – the child is 12 now! This has fucked me up mentally and emotionally. I’ve only shared with close friends – my husband knows too. I know this sounds archaic now, but “family” can still influence one’s decisions, sometimes making a choice for someone who is mentally capable of making their own choice. Don’t let this be YOU – have an abortion – choose yourself, love yourself, you are NOT a bad person for choosing your own wellbeing! I’ve found peace but I’m still damaged…

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