In February of 2021, while still in college, I became bedridden with nausea, disorientation, temperature fluctuations and blackouts. I could barely keep anything in my stomach other than water and saltines, and even that was too much sometimes. By the third week I was sure I was dying from some unknown illness. I. Was. Scared. I remember one night, at around 3am, I had thrown up everything in my stomach. I was shaking and crying, vomit all over myself, my bed and my floor. I had to call my roommate from upstairs and get her into my room. She had never seen me in such a state, and I had never been so humiliated. For the next half hour she cleaned me up and held me as I sobbed and begged her to take away the pain. The next day, I found out I was pregnant. In late March, I got my abortion and throughout the next week I felt like a person again. I’ve gone through so much in my short life and I consider myself to be a powerful force who can handle a lot. Pregnancy was the scariest and most painful experience I’ve ever gone through. I was extremely lucky to be able to have access to abortion. Every individual should have access to these means. For one long, painful, month; one month that I can’t recollect most of, I thought I was dying. No one should EVER have that to experience that.