I was freshly 15

by Mikaylah

August 17, 2022

i had an abortion and i regretted and loved my decision

my boyfriend at the time and i (him 14 me 15), got pregnant after 4 months of being together, i had just turned 15 that month and lost my v card, when i found out i was pregnant my little baby fever brain was so excited that i told my best friend that i was sure of keeping it, then when i told my mum i realised how hard having a baby is and even to this day, i still get scared at the thought of it and i now know that it is not an option, i cried for a week after i booked that appointment, i then regretted it and blamed my mother. i am so thankful for my decision as hard as it was for me, i love my little angel. right person wrong times goes with everything

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