I was about to be homeless

by Anonymous

February 7, 2022

It was the winter of 2012 and I moved into a house with my then husband and thought we had all the tools to have a baby, unfortunately he lost his job and only worked on weekend once a month in the Army and we had no other income. As this point we only had about 2 months to figure out what to do with no money, living in the worst area of Seattle. I found out the day of him losing his job I was pregnant. He was a man that if he knew I was pregnant he won’t support me getting an abortion and we would of had to raise a baby on the streets. Luckily on one of his weekends where he had to be gone for the whole weekend, at 10 weeks I got an abortion at the Planned Parenthood down the street from my house. If I hadn’t of done that, who knows what would of happened and I’m not even with my ex husband anymore! I’m so happy I did that because I would of been stuck with him forever and had a baby in the WORST condition I’ve ever been in.

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