I was a virgin when I had my abortion

by Julie M

March 9, 2020

I was 17 and a virgin. I started having sex with my boyfriend and stopped because it hurt. Almost three months later I found out I was pregnant. How could that be?  I was a virgin!  I never knew something like a contact pregnancy existed. My doctor asked my mom if someone had tried to rape me.  I was so naive I just knew I could not have a child. I was one myself. The day after my 18th birthday I had my abortion. This was 1990. I wrote to my abortion doctor on the 30th anniversary of Roe v Wade thanking her and her clinic for their compassion and being willing to face the potential violence from others every day when they walked through their doors. I am 47 now and have a great career.  I represent those who have to see a judge to get permission for an abortion.  Their bravery is more than mine and they should not have to go through this.  I now shout my abortion, discuss it openly and do not shy away in shame or guilt from the topic.  It is my body, it was my choice and it was the right one for me.

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