I had an abortion to save my life

by Sarah W

June 3, 2019

Years ago, I painfully chose to have an abortion. My life was in utter chaos. I was in a bad lifestyle of addiction and had no direction in my life. I was not ready to take care of myself, let alone be a mother.

It was a life-changing decision to make under a small window of time. The hardest decision of my life. I was extremely depressed for months following. Something I never imagined I would have to do. It’s really heavy and dark having to make a choice like this. It temporarily took a chunk of my soul and crushed it. Women who haven’t been in this situation nor any man, will understand this side of it. It’s not something women just carelessly do because we can. It’s not just one simple answer to some common mistake. It was the biggest war inside myself that I have ever experienced.


I regret getting myself into a situation where I had to choose to abort, but I do NOT regret my decision. I am so grateful that I, as a woman and as a human being, had the right to CHOOSE what SARAH wanted to do with her body and her life.


Carrying a child causes changes in a woman’s overall health, physical and even mental conditions. These changes can affect her for the rest of her life. If a woman isn’t ready to go through these changes yet with her mind, body and soul, she should have the right to CHOOSE. It can already be such a helpless, lonely feeling… why the hell are we making the suffering worse  when we should be helping each other? We have really lost touch with our morals and values as a human race.


We don’t need anti-abortion laws. What we need is awareness, education and support among all women and all human beings for that matter. Since the beginning of time, human rights have been and are constantly tested to see just how far they can cross the limits to control us and keep us oppressed just enough so that we can’t pose a threat to their creation and image of how society should be. Frankly, it is bullshit and disgusting and the more I learn about our history and see how little we’ve really come, the less proud I am to be here.


Human compassion above human suffering always.


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