I felt like it wasn’t going to end

by Anonymous

October 9, 2020

I found out I was pregnant over seas 2 weeks into my 5 week Europe trip, and knew there was no way I was able to keep the pregnancy as I wasn’t financially stable and there was no partner in the picture.

There wasn’t a lot I could do but enjoy the rest of my holiday and attempt to get emotionally ready for when I would get home.

It was a shock all the scans and appointments I needed to attend to get the process on the way but I was relieved when it came to going through the medical abortion. I was 8.6 weeks along which is very late for the medical abortion so there was nothing more I wanted than ending this pregnancy.

After I had the second lot of abortion medication I waited in bed and all of a sudden I had the most painful cramping that was almost unbearable. It followed by a fever and vomiting that stopped after 1 hour…. then the bleeding started and there was a lot.

I got quite worried about the amount of blood but couldn’t get onto the medical centre so I waited it out to see how it would go.

The bleeding did slowly go down after 24 hours and it became a heavy period that ended up lasting for maybe 1 week.

Then after became the spotting which seemed normal.

It came to 3 weeks post abortion when I started bleeding again, and became very worried. I called my nurse and she didn’t seem worried but booked me into a doctors appointment anyway. The bleeding kept getting heavier and clotting started happening.

No doctor seemed worried even though I was very pale, dizzy and having blood pretty much flow out of me.

Finally I had enough and had a friend take  myself to emergency, where I was almost about to pass out from the amount of blood I had already lost. They immediately got me onto a drip and gave me two blood transfusions.

They informed me I had some pregnancy tissue that was still remaining inside and needed to be removed. I went into theatre the next morning around 6am to have it removed.

The procedure all went well and I was more than happy the bleeding had stopped.

It was a tough 3 weeks and I’m still traumatised from the experience. I don’t know if I’ll properly ever get over it but I’m living with it and the experience will follow me.

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