I feel proud of myself

by Anonymous

December 17, 2022

I had just turned 18 and found out I was pregnant. It was with the completely wrong person, and as soon as I found out I already knew what my decision was going to be. I felt ashamed for months, until I realized no one else’s opinion of my life mattered. I had to drive to another state to be able to get the abortion pills, but I am forever thankful for the access I did have, despite if I couldn’t get it in my state.

I got so much hate from the father in the situation, but eventually he resigned from hate and accepted my decision. I feel proud of myself now, for taking such a responsibility for myself because I knew I wouldn’t of been stable financially or mentally to take care of it. And the relationship of me and him was non existent.

I am thankful for people like you. Making me feel normal.

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