I Ended My Pregnancy Because Of The Dad

by MAC

October 8, 2021

I just turned 22, I quit my job 4 months prior making $70,000 a year because I worked 60+ hours a week and couldn’t handle the demand. I had a mental breakdown. I accepted a job making $24,000 because it allowed me a free schedule to gain back quality of life. To really live. My male friends started taking me to Spanish clubs for dance nights and I can genuinely say those nights I was the happiest I had ever been. One Saturday, the people who drove me left me. I don’t remember why but I couldn’t get ahold of them. One guy I kind-of knew saw me in the parking lot fighting off some random guys trying to get me into their car and pretended to be my boyfriend. I told him what happened and he offered to drive me back to my vehicle and I accepted. We got stuck in traffic for about an hour and I realized he was pretty intoxicated and shouldn’t be driving. After a little more talking I found out he came from a very wealthy family. Like, Rockafeller type family. So, i told him i felt unsafe and we at least needed to pull over and drink some water and I would call an Uber. He said no, and ended up driving us to a 5 star hotel right down the road. Everything was consensual, but he told me he didnt… ya know, so I didnt need plan B. And we never spoke again. 5 weeks later im pregnant. I knew it was his and my heart sank. Some things he told me the night we spent together were “My ex couldnt handle the spot light with my family. She wouldn’t agree to signing NDA contracts or a pre-nup so my family said I had to break up with her” I knew if i had this baby my life would belong to a wealthy family, and a man I did not love. So I chose to have an abortion. I never told him, nor will I EVER tell him. 3 years later and ive never even seen or heard from him. I made that choice for MYSELF and MYSELF only. Could you imagine the family I wouldve been tied to? Could you imagine the living hell i would experience having a child out of wedleck from his traditional family?! I dont know about you, but I would not have had the mental strength to withstand those hardships on top on coping with the fact that I was indeed able to get pregnant. Not only that, I was not emotionally or finically in a good place to bring a child into this world. Had the “sperm donor” been someone else, this situation might have been different. But one phrase I was told as a child stuck with me. “You cant choose the family you were born in to”. And i’ll be damned if I knowingly bring one earth side, to deal with a controlling bloodline, driven by status and $100 bills. He is the sole reason I made my decision.

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