I am brave and so proud of me…

by Lynn

August 23, 2018

Today l sit with tears in my eyes but l fight them as l read the many stories of women just like me who at some stage got pregnant and knew it was not the path for them to be on.

I was very young, very scared and so not ready or willing to have a child. I made the right decision for me. And l am so proud of that brave emotionally tortured and vulnerable woman who quietly and determinedly rewrote her future. There was such a judgmental silence and sense of shame that was imposed upon me by others and myself. It was just an accident that could be corrected said my doctor. He was so kind and held my hand as l drifted into sleep.

The infection and subsequent infertility marred much of my life in my 30’s. But l again found the courage and determination to make my life a good one. I would be a woman who was not defined by a child. I would love my job, my friends, my world and l would mother my 4 legged fur babies.

Thank you for releasing the sadness, the secretiveness and the shame of falling pregnant when it is not the right time.

Thank you for showing me l am not alone, that as l write this, a woman somewhere is thinking ‘I do not want this and l will make the decision to care for my life by making the choice to terminate’. You are strong, resilient and your life is precious. I wish that woman well and l wish me well as l join this inspiring group of women who can now shout their abortion loudly and proudly.


Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!