Happy to stop hiding

by Anonymous

September 10, 2018

I knew I was pregnant at least a week before my late period but that didn’t stop my screams or my tears as the little plus sign appeared. I feared for my life not just because I was at high risk of another life threatening ectopic pregnancy but my husband and I were in no way ready for a child, mentally or financially. We made the decision after my second failed pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy that nearly took my life, to have an abortion if the birth control failed again. We briefly discussed adoption but I was so sick I was in the er twice, being the only one with a job there was no way we could keep going happily or normally. I have no regrets, I’m happy because when we are ready, and financially stable, we can give a home to as many unwanted children we can house. I’m thankful of this organization because I thought i had to hide it and be ashamed.

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