From fertility clinic to abortion

by Lea

September 11, 2018

I had an abortion in 1977. I was taking a very low dose birth control pill; a mini-pill. I had also been taking high doses of tetracycline for almost a year.  I also had been receiving treatment for endocrine problems. When my physician informed me that I was a high risk patient and that the fetus had a very high likely-hood of being severely damaged; I chose termination at 9 weeks. It was fortunate that I discovered the pregnancy early as I was under the care of an astute endocrinologist.

I was a stipend student at the time in x-ray technology, with unknown possible exposure to dangerous radiation . It was an absolute that I could not have continued in my work- studies. I had no health insurance; which would have made care for myself and/or an unhealthy infant impossible without charity/public assistance .

I made the best CHOICE for my own health. I made the best choice for my independent and responsible future.  Barely two years prior to my pregnancy , I was married and in treatment at a fertility clinic! My husband and I had desired a child. Still, I have never regretted this decision. I am 68 and I never had another pregnancy. Still, I HAVE NOT A SINGLE REGRET ABOUT MY DECISION.



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