First time speaking out

by Anonymous

December 15, 2020

i fell pregnant during my first year of university. i was 17. i knew immediately that i would have an abortion. i’m so thankful that my boyfriend supported my decision, although he didn’t (and still doesn’t) agree with it completely.

we had to travel across provincial lines and disclose to some not so good people to drive us. it was the worst day of my life. i kept everything inside me, not talking about it for so long. no one in my family knows. i think about it every day. i’ve never regretted my choice, but i do grieve for that life.

i was pro choice before and continue to be now. it’s difficult for me when others discuss the topic, as it’s so controversial and polarizing. i sometimes feel like less of a human when my acquaintances reveal their pro life opinions. but i’m just not brave enough to tell anyone that i had an abortion.

the person who drove me to the appointment us no longer in my life. i later found out that she had told others at my small university that i had had an abortion. i felt so unsafe and violated at school, as i didn’t know what others potentially knew about this private part of my life. i just feel sick when i think about how my experiences became a topic of gossip.

i thank the health care workers who took care of me and allowed me to have a safe abortion. they gave me my life back and i really hope they know how much it means to me.

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