Choosing abortion at 40

by Sarah

June 11, 2020

I read these stories before I took medical abortion pills to find comfort and I’d like to add my own. Of course this was not an easy decision to make for myself, I am 40 and have never been pregnant nor have children and this would probably be the last chance to be a mom in life. After writing out pros and cons, doing a lot of reading and sitting with my own feelings, I decided ending the pregnancy would be the best decision- for so many reasons- I won’t go into them.  I was just at 6weeks.

I was very anxious about taking the abortion pills as I heard it could be very painful. I spoke with a friend of mine that had a medical abortion years ago and she put me at ease telling me her experience was that it wasn’t much worse than a heavy period. My experience was different.

I took the pills vaginally at 10pm along with an anti nausea pill and pain medication (800mg ibuprofen) at around 1:30am I began experiencing extreme cramping, I took 500mg Tylenol and it did not ease this pain. The intense cramping lasted an hour or two. This was the most physically painful experience of my life. It was accompanied with chills/sweats and diarrhea. I was weak and shaky and almost fainted at one point. It was scary as I didn’t know if it was normal. A nurse I got ahold of said that it’s normal for that much pain to occur when you are passing the pregnancy.  I got through it, the pain eased, and it was very tolerable afterwards. I did not bleed a scary amount- similar to a heavy period day. One regular pad every 2-3 hours. I felt relieved it was over and I got a really good night’s sleep the next night.

If you want the medication abortion, get good pain medication. Everyone has a different experience and mine would have been better with less pain. Pain is temporary and I got through it, you will too. Love you all and I’m sorry any of us have to go through this.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!