Best thing I could have done

by Claire

October 9, 2020

I fell pregnant when my son was 2 and my daughter was 8 months old. I did a test and low and behold PREGNANT again. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have an abortion. My husband and I discussed it, he gave me the old ‘Whatever you want. It’s your body.’ And although I was certain that I didn’t want to continue the pregnancy it was good to know that he supported my decision. I made an appointment at my GP surgery. He was a nice young doctor and was very understanding. He asked if I was sure. I assured him I was very sure. That was it. He respected my decision and referred me on to the clinic at the local hospital who performed abortions. Told me they would be in touch with an appointment.

I went home very secure in my decision. For the next 2 weeks it was a bit like no man’s land. I was pregnant, I felt pregnant and it was weird knowing that it would be over soon. Even though I knew the pregnancy would be coming to an end I still felt uncomfortable drinking alcohol. Very stupid but It was just a weird feeling.

I got the appointment through the post. I went into hospital appointment on my own as my husband was with our kids. They did a scan with the screen pointing away so I couldn’t see it. They figured out that I was a bit further along than they thought. Over 8 weeks and that if I wanted to have a medical abortion within the 9 weeks timescale then I would have to take the first tablet today then come back 24 hours later to take the second one. This was not usually how they did this. Apparently you should have your dating scan then go home and come back in 48 hours to take the first tablet. However since I was close to the limit of 9 weeks they rushed it through and I happily took the 1st tablet. They then informed me I would most likely experience cramping for the next 24 hours then I had to go back to the hospital for the second tablet.

My husband and kids picked me up from the appointment and we went home. The next 24 hours the cramps were ok. Just like a period really. The next day I returned to the hospital for my second tablet. They checked I was sure about what I was doing. Then I was admitted to the hospital for 12 hours. The bleeding starts, heavy, a lot of clots. I am also offered painkillers which I gladly accepted. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. But it was as good as it could be considering what was happening. After 12 hours I was told I could manage the rest of the bleeding at home. I called my husband and they collected me. I remember we went to the McDonald’s drive through on the way home as I really really wanted a banana milkshake.

The next week at home I experienced some heavy bleeding. I did overflow a few pads but I realised the bleeding gushed more if I was moving around so I tried to be active to hurry it along. I was keen for it to be over.

This experience on the whole was an excellent one. I knew what I wanted to happen, there was no wiggle room. I was also very grateful that I had the option and service available to me to have an abortion as efficiently as I did. I knew that I didn’t want another baby so close to my other two. This was the absolute right decision for me.

This was 9 years ago now. Since then I have had another baby. But I waited until my youngest was 4 years old. And after she was born my husband booked himself in for a vasectomy. This is the best thing that he could have done.

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