Best Decision for My Life

by Gaby

May 9, 2019

As I sat in the waiting room of a medical office, heard the chatting of the women and saw some sobbing… I too wanted to be sad. I wanted to feel that I was losing something, to validate me as a human. But why? I was doing  something to be proud of. I wasn’t going to be a statistic, an uneducated mother with kids on welfare. I had an epiphany. Growing up with Catholic guilt was what had me thinking like that, I was doing something good for my family, for myself and for the future by not allowing an unwanted, unplanned, embryo to fruition. I was a mother with three kids, yearning to make them proud. Now, here I am 4 abortions and TWO degrees later, striving in life. I don’t regret any of the times that my birth control didn’t work. I don’t regret not feeling sad in the waiting room. I don’t regret giving my kids the best mother I can be, being able to say yes to sports and clubs because I have the time, being able to study and get my degrees.

Most importantly, years later and throughout the years I have never regretted not feeling sad in that waiting room.

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