Back to Myself

by Anonymous

April 17, 2023

I found out I was pregnant four weeks ago. I’m a college student and coming out of an abusive relationship. I got pregnant from failed contraceptives with a guy I was seeing for a month. I was absolutely horrified and the past four weeks have been complete hell. I’ve been crying from the hormones, screaming at friends and family, and mostly living in fear. There was nothing I could do but sit pregnant and it was the most excruciating experience of my life. I went to a local clinic and the staff was incredibly comforting, heard my sob stories and listened with love and comforted me through all over this.

Terminating this pregnancy was the best decision I’ve ever made and I finally feel back to myself. I’m so grateful to live in a state where reproductive issues are highly valued and easy to accommodate, but my experience has made me very aware of others who don’t have this access. This account has helped me process my emotions and reading other peoples stories has made it so much easier to feel less alone. Thank you for all you do.

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