Arlen D. D.

by Fuckthehaters

March 14, 2022

Content Warning: sexual assault



Arlen was his name. His dad made him as a sick joke, he would hold me down during sex and…. Well… make a baby? I would tell him no, then get so angry afterwards. Being that I was in an abusive relationship, my voice didn’t carry much weight. This would happen again, not just once. He thought it was funny when I would be upset, he acted like it was all a game and I was stupid for ever thinking I could be pregnant.

When I got pregnant,I didn’t feel like it was his fault. I didn’t think I was assaulted, and I blamed myself. I got an abortion because I knew I could never tie myself to a man so horrible who would sexually physically and emotionally hurt me and think it’s forgivable only moments later. I ended up telling him about it, and he acted a bit surprised but wanted me to abort. He is a Fucking child. I wish I got out of that relationship, that I realized that what he was doing is sexual assault, and not just being a dick. I’m also glad my abortion was an easy choice. My heart sits with all those who have qualms about their choice. I do accept responsibility for my actions, but I wish my ex never acted in such extreme childish ways and I wish I was stronger.

Lucky for me, after my abortion and I broke up with him, he came by my house and sexually assaulted me in a different way!

Now he is a sad man alone. In the world, and I am doing great.

I don’t regret my abortion for a minute but I do regret being kind or forgiving to him for some strange reason!

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