by Sandra

October 26, 2018

If I had a child he or she would be 19 right now. Fricken 19. Woah. No way. I’m only 38. How the hell could I have a kid just going to college? Then I got thinking would they have ever made it to college? If I had that child I know the father would have not been there (after looking him up on Facebook I see he’s still a low life abuser no-body)… so this weird thought came across my mind. Who knows where we would have been or ended up or lived even. Maybe we would have lived in Nevada rocking out on the Las Vegas strip or maybe he/she would have been a student at Parkland in Florida. Could my child have been a victim of a mass shooting? Jesus, is this so prevalent this is where my mind goes when I think about if I had that kid? Crap, I can barely afford to take care of myself and I’d have to be sending someone to college right now? If they didn’t die in a school shooting? The world as it sits today is a super shit place for a 19 year old, so I’m glad I didn’t bring another one into this mess.

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