Diva Clinic

August 31, 2016

A Women has an amazing experience at the Diva Clinic. This music video offers an empowering structural opposite to the “shamed and tragic” abortion narratives that currently dominate popular culture’s representations. Alternately, the “Diva Clinic” actively celebrates a woman’s right to choose through a stylized fantasy satire.

Music Created by Kyle Gibson of Holy Kimodo. Vocal performances by Karl Cassel of Garlicman and Chikn, Vocals and choreography by Nina Joly of Holy Kimodo and Foxygen, and Micaela Huntley of Hot Fruit.

Special performances by Dreamy Eves and Virgin Domain.

Written, Directed and Edited by Micaela Huntley-Fryer

Special thanks to:
Ted Kwo
Avida Jackson
and Kendra Freas

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