Tool Kits

Want to start something? This movement is yours. SYA has created the tools you see below to help you inspire conversations about abortion and demonstrate your fierce love of reproductive freedom in all sorts of different ways. Host an event, make art, display SYA posters or videos in your business, put the word ABORTION on your body—there are tons of ways to help us shatter the idea that abortion is something we aren’t supposed to talk about.

Poster Your City

Postering Kit— These “Everyone Knows” PDFs can be used to make posters, which can then be affixed to all sorts of surfaces. Be sure that you know the legality of wheatpasting posters in your region and whatever rules might be specific to your site. Here is a recipe for wheatpaste. The possibilities are endless!  Please post some pictures of your buttons on this site –it would make us so happy to see what you come up with!

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Button Making Party

Wearing a button that has the word “ABORTION” on it is a great way to start conversations about abortion in your everyday life—and that’s what SYA is all about! Button making parties are a great way to get people together and make neat stuff. This download has some tips, templates, logo pack and print ready sheets.  Post some pictures of your buttons on this site –it would make us so happy to see what you come up with!

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Wear and Share SYA Gear

One easy way to start conversations about abortion is to pick up some SYA swag: we’ve got a range of garments, zines and media. And trust us: wearing something that says the word “ABORTION” changes the world around you. Every. Single. Time. All sales support actions by SYA!

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Video Projection

Got a blank wall? We have gorgeous portraits of people wearing the infamous “Everyone Knows I Had An Abortion” shirts in places all over the USA. You can project these pretty much anywhere, or loop them on any TV with an HDMI port.

Step 1: Download video file below or Stream online
Step 2: Set media player to loop (Quicktime: View > Loop; Stream automatically loops)
Step 3: Project on a blank wall or stream from a monitor in a venue, bar, gallery, etc.
Step 4: Take pics and post on social with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion

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July 17-26, 2017. Join the Abortion Access Hackathon, Lady Parts Justice League, #ShoutYourAbortion, and a whole lot of incredible reproductive rights organizations across the country in CALLING OUT FAKE CLINICS.

Get involved, find events and tools (including a great set of posters #SYA produced with our friends at Civilization) at

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