Meet Viva Ruiz, the first artist in our Artist in Residence program. Ruiz is an artist, organizer, self-described “queer Latinx non-evil Gemini” and the prophet of a divine message: Thank God for Abortion.

TGFA began as a series of protest materials and quickly evolved into joyful, multi-disciplinary movement for liberation. TGFA has taken shape as a parade float in NYC’s pride parade, wearable pro-abortion art, a pro-abortion anthem, and a pro-abortion church installation in the heart of Manhattan.

In the words of Viva: “God loves me, and blesses the two abortions I had, and celebrates my rights, my autonomy, and my sovereignty.” Hell yes. We need more leaders like Viva and we are incredibly proud to be able to support Viva and the evolution of TGFA.

Viva is changing the universe.

Thank God for Abortion and Thank God for Viva Ruiz!

TGFA Crusader Capsule Collection at the SYA shop
TGFA’s work spotlighted in The Guardian
TGFA on Instagram

January 15, 2020

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