SYA is thrilled to announce Artist-in-Residence, the wonderful Shawna Murphy!

Shawna runs a child daycare business and is one of the most incredible mothers we’ve ever seen. She has a huge heart and is unwavering in her determination to fight for what she believes in, including abortion. Shawna has experienced miscarriage, abortion, and pregnancy and is open, warm, and knowledgable in talking with young people about her reproductive story.

For this reason and many more, we know that she is the perfect person to write a children’s book on abortion with us. It will be a beautiful and tender bedtime story (with lots of room for questions and cuddles) that can help explain what abortion is and why moms need it sometimes. We know this project is badly needed in the world.

Shawna has been on board with SYA since the beginning and we are proud to work with her. Welcome Shawna!

*Stay tuned for updates about the book and the process of making the book.*

January 16, 2020

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