I am beyond grateful that SYA exists. Yes, I had an abortion and it was scary and traumatizing for me just because of the way our society treats abortions. No I was not in a relationship, it was just an ugly prick from tinder that dubbed the shit out of me when he found out. Yes I took every precaution and still ended up pregnant. No its not my fault. We are all human and when people have unexpected pregnancies it should not feel like the end of the world. It should not feel like we have no one to talk to. That we’ve made a ‘mistake’ and need to live with it. An abortion is a four to eight minute procedure. I had no idea what the hell an abortion even entailed when I saw two lines pop up on the home test because no one ever tells you or teaches you about it. It is a different experience for every person and we need to start telling these stories. I felt so incredibly empty after my abortion, especially when I got my first period after it happened and all these horomones released in my body and I felt like I was going insane. I didnt even know that your first period after your abortion is hell because no health class or parent or teacher or article ever TOLD me. I felt so incredibly lost and Shout Your Abortion gave me a space to breathe, it gave me a space to share and listen and realize how common this is and how I should NEVER feel ashamed of my decisions. Thank you for creating a place where I could share my story, where I could find closure. I am not ashamed of my abortion and I would do it again. Thank you @plannedparenthood for existing and putting me on the emergency medicaid I needed, without you I would be 4 months pregnant right now with no options. And another big fuck you to the dumb asshole that never talked to me after I got pregnant and told me to “deal with it.” #standwithpp #ShoutYourAbortion #shoutyourabortionnyc


August 31, 2016

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