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This space is a blank slate for you to describe your abortion story in whatever form or tone you choose–it could be a poem, it could be abstract or literal and can include as much or as little detail as you’d like. You don’t need to be a professional writer to share your abortion story.

Please read these tips before submitting.

Abortion is a very different experience for everyone. We ask that you keep this in mind when writing your story. Please use language that makes the story personal to you and avoid generalizing statements. Example: Abortion was a difficult choice for me vs Abortion is a difficult choice.

Self-managed abortion. We know that people all over the world are using abortion pills to end their own pregnancies outside the medical system. Some people in the U.S. have been investigated and/or arrested for self-managing abortion (SMA). People in the U.S. who publicly share stories about SMA could face legal risks, depending on where they live. Learn more about this via our friends at

Gender generalizations. Please be aware of gender generalizations when telling your abortion story. People across the gender spectrum need and have abortions. SYA strives to use gender-neutral language when possible and we invite you to do the same. One example is simply saying “people who need abortions” rather than “women.”  Join us in creating a movement that honors the experiences and identities of anyone capable of getting pregnant.

And finally…we recommend you write your story into a text editor like Word or TextEdit if you can and then copy/pasting your story to our upload form.  This insures your story won’t get lost if your computer or phone freezes while you are submitting your story!

Please note, we are unable to accept personal photos (i.e. photos of you or your family, you at a rally, etc) at this time. 

Thank you!


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