January 20 2017

January 20 2017, thru January 22 2017
Various Locations Nationwide

Are you ready for inauguration weekend? Mentally, physically, emotionally ready? We know that’s a scary question (and we can’t say we’re ready either). But we have one great way to get ready.  We’re preparing in person, IRL, with friends, future friends, family, strangers… we’re all getting #TogetherForAbortion in January.

The third weekend of January 2017 is huge when it comes to abortion rights. January 20th is the presidential inauguration. Women are marching on D.C. and all over the country on January 21st. And January 22nd marks the 44th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. These three days are an ideal time for us to band together, build community, and be seen and heard. All weekend long, advocates of reproductive freedom in all 50 states will make our voices, our presence, and our humanity known. We’re getting #TogetherForAbortion. And there are plenty of ways – big and small, public and private – for you to participate.

Start planning your #TogetherForAbortion event now.

You can:

  • Represent abortion with your body. This is an easy one—and it’s fashionable! You will immediately let people know reproductive freedom is an issue close to your heart by sporting an abortion sweatshirt, button, or tote. Wear them all weekend long!

  • Host a public event. Last year people curated comedy shows, marched to their state capitals, held fundraising lunches for abortion funds, threw parties with cupcakes and bands and filmed abortion stories. The options are literally limitless. We want to help you build community and encourage everyone to talk about abortion on their own terms. SYA has some limited funds set aside to co-produce events, so let us know if you have an idea that can only come into being with some materials, venue or personnel funding. Don’t be shy about it, don’t agonize about it. Just shoot us an email by 1/4/17 with a specific request and we’ll let you know if we can help. We’re especially excited to hear from folks in rural and suburban America where access is most threatened. Let us know what you’re working on!
  • Host a private event. If you’re not ready to host a public shin-dig, carve out space that weekend to do something private. Last year people made zines together, took their nieces out to lunch, had a dinner party, told their best friend or their mom about their abortion, or invited friends over for an abortion-themed flick and discussion. These conversations are ripples that can lead to waves of change in your community.

There’s a ton you can do to get #TogetherForAbortion, at whatever level makes you feel comfortable. Start brainstorming and keep us in the loop.January is scary. The stakes are high. But we are becoming louder and more visible every day. Together, we will keep fighting. We will be ready. We’re getting #TogetherForAbortion. Bring it, 2017.