ShOut Your Abortion Book Tour

January 23 2019 in Chicago, IL

Discussion Group
January 23 2019, 7pm
Women & Children First Bookstore
Chicago, IL

Join SYA Co-founder Amelia Bonow in converstion with Chicago-based journalist and writer Kaylen Ralph. Hear more about SYA’s new book and the power of personal experience as a tool for activism and culture change. Abortion experiences are vast, personal, and complex and sharing them can create a powerful ripple effect in communities, hearts and minds.

—Amelia Bonow is the founding director of Shout Your Abortion, a nationwide movement working to create places for people to discuss their abortions in art, media, and at real life events all over the country. Bonow proudly serves on the Board of Directors of the Abortion Care Network, and has been honored by numerous Planned Parenthood affiliates. Bonow is the coeditor of Shout Your Abortion’s eponymously named debut book, published this November.

—Kaylen Ralph is an independent journalist and writer. She write features about politics and policy for the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, and covers breaking news and politics for Teen Vogue. She’s also contributed to online publications including Glamour,, and, among others. In 2013, she co-founded The Riveter, a longform journalism magazine by women. Currently, Kaylen is co-editing an anthology of longform journalism featuring contemporary writing by women that is forthcoming from The Sager Group in Spring 2019. Born and raised in Rockford, IL, Kaylen currently calls Chicago home. You can find more of her work at