Abortion is Normal

Did you know that a quarter of American women will have at least one abortion at some point in their lives, and abortion is common amongst gender non-conforming folks as well? Abortion is a normal part of reproductive life but the culture of silence and secrecy surrounding the issue has allowed the anti-choice movement to dominate the conversation with propaganda and lies. Currently, although 70% of Americans support Roe v. Wade, abortion access is already out of reach for many people and our constitutional right to reproductive freedom is on the chopping block.

We cannot fight for something which we aren’t comfortable saying out loud. Abortion is normal. Abortion is happening, and that’s a good thing—access to abortion helps people of every political persuasion, faith, income bracket, race, and gender to live their very best lives, to create families and build careers and exist in their bodies in the ways that they choose. All of our communities and many of our families have been shaped by abortion in immense and positive ways. Speaking up about having had an abortion or supporting abortion rights shouldn’t be controversial; talking about abortion should be as normal as the procedure itself.

The GOP is working to eliminate abortion access as part of a much larger effort to disenfranchise poor folks and people of color. In order to work towards economic and racial justice, we must fight for reproductive freedom for all. And in order to fight for abortion, we’ve gotta get comfortable saying the word out loud.

The Abortion is Normal stamping project is a project of Shout Your Abortion, a movement working to normalize abortion through art, media, and community events all over the country. Click here to purchase your own stamp and click here to learn more about SYA.

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